Limic Oy is an 1966 established import and selling company with a wide LED product range. We import annually a range of more than 1000 different items to Finland market. Key product areas are related LED lighting anf light control. Around 700 different items are warehouse items and rest is related for projects. Limic Oy have a physical storefront, web-store ( and few wholesalers. Limic Oy have own trade mark, Valokas, but we sell another trade marks as well.

Limic Oy is constantly searching for new suppliers and products to strengthen our members position. We welcome new suppliers to a long-lasting partnership. Long partnership and quality goods are mainly what we are looking for rather than cheap price. Limic Oy is owned by privet share holders.

Main product ranges for lihgting: LED strip, LED bars, Al-profiles, LED panles, down light, garden light, outdoor light, office and warehouse light. Main product ranges for lighting related products: PWM dimmers (1-10V, DALI, ZigBee, Push-DIM, RF, WIfi), CC drivers (1-10V, DALI, ZigBee, Push-DIM), CV power supply unist (power adaptor, water proof power supplies).

We also import and sell LED work lights, LED Warning Lights, Emergency Vehicle Lights, Lighthead, Traffic Arrow etc for vehicles.